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with what we have learned. specific.ges, to be a covers everything from health care to the handling of saddam hussein. is about hillary clinton. she is seen as a front-runner for president. as we get more insight , we look at this. >> hillary expressed a desire to show grace -- showcase her life. says, if hillary is comfortable throwing a big party, we to give a wonderful spread to people magazine, including photos of the honeymoon. it's a just a joint sitdown with barbara walters. it and they talked about having a guest appearance on the old comedy home-improvement. yearere are discussions in that are frank about mrs. clinton's actions and whether they're positive or negative toward the white house. >> some of it had to do with health care reform. the staff lamented, there is great concern that cbo will screw us. >> as stage and presumptuous at wrote, ian adviser might suggest that you consider throwing out all of the staff at the end of the meeting to hold a five minute private meeting with him. -- will showue the the value you place on is confidential advice. least two orbe at th
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3